Wednesday, 9 January 2019

We Have An Exciting Surprise For You!!!

Hello friends, how is the start of your new year going so far? I hope it is good but guess what, we’re about to make it even better. We have a late New Year’s present for you, well let me break the news for you and get straight to the point. So get ready for ‘Kisna Movie Month’, where we’re going to air a movie of your beloved character, Kisna, every Saturday on our channel Wow Legends!!! So grab your popcorn and enjoy your weekends watching your favorite movies of Kisna!


  1. Kon sa software use karte he
    Please batae taki me v sikh sakhu

    1. Mai deepika hu plz mujhe bhi batai koun sa software istemaal kr rahe ho aap

  2. Plz mere papa nh hi mujhe bhi youtube se paisa kamana hi

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