Friday, 16 August 2019

Happy Independence Day to the Wow Kidz Family!!!

Children of today’s generation haven’t been members of the struggles faced during the independence fight. Some of them have aren’t even blessed enough to have great grandparents to narrate the stories of their struggles and accomplishments of the time. So how do we encourage nationalism into our kids? Well, the only way to do that is by presenting them with knowledge about the same in a way that they’re responsive to.

Do you think that your kids are familiar with the significance of this day or is aware of the objective behind feasting it every year? We should enlighten them about the tributes made by the freedom soldier and their missions along with their aims and efforts to make India a democratic country.

Many parents in today’s date don’t even bother to celebrate or even discuss Independence Day with their kids at home. All the information that is received by them is from their schools. For most parents, Independence Day celebration and festivities don’t hold a very vital part of their ongoing lives. Parents hold a very important role in molding their children and it’s their role to cultivate a feeling of patriotism among their little one.

So this Independence Day, educate your child and celebrate this prestigious event with them. Wow Kidz has a treat for you this Independence Day! Don’t forget to watch our National Anthem with our Mahatma Gandhi inspired character, Bapu.

Happy Independence Day to the Wow Kidz Family!!!