Thursday, 18 July 2019

Monsoon Tips from Wow Kidz!!!

Hello friends, it’s the time of the year that we all love so much, at least I do. I mean who doesn’t love the splash of freshness and cool breeze after months of scorching heat. All summer people just keep waiting for it to start raining, kids more than anyone. Well, keeping their exhilaration under control, to relive all those reminiscing good old memories from the season, seems like an added trouble for the parents.

Apart from all the fun and excitement that comes with the season, what we miss out on is the bunch of infections and illnesses that it invites. We can’t keep our kids from splashing around in the water during monsoon, but what we can do is try and take measures in order to keep them safe. So here we have some tips from the Wow Kidz team to keep your child and you healthy and disease-free this monsoon.

  • First things first, make sure that your house is clean and dry, as the humidity from the weather can get to your house too. A lot of mosquitoes are attracted indoors, spreading waterborne viruses.
  • Don’t forget to apply mosquito repellant before leaving the house.
  • Prefer home-cooked meals over restaurants and street food.
  • Try and drink only boiled water in order to avoid infections.
  • Have more fresh food items that are rich in Vitamins. Also, avoid having salads and raw fruits or vegetables unless they are washed properly.
  • Always keep an extra pair of dry clothes for kids to avoid long hours in damp clothes, which calls for infections.
  • Keep a habit of keeping your body clean and adding a few drops of antiseptic liquid in the bath.
  • Kids love splashing water, but it is very necessary to keep them away from puddles and stagnant waters as they can lead to numerous diseases.
  • Avoid going in the first rain as it contains acid in it.

So, here’s wishing the Wow Kidz Family Happy Monsoon and don’t forget to follow these precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy!!!