Monday, 5 November 2018

Wishing A Very Happy Diwali To The Wow Kidz family!!!

Diwali is also traditionally known as the festival of lights because it glorifies everybody's life. It is a ritual where people come together and meet their friends and family, light lamps and earthen diyas, a grand evening of firecrackers to ward off the evils, gorging upon sweet delicacies and quite a few more traditions. Many people also believe in cleaning their houses before Diwali as an invitation to Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Laxmi, for the day of solemnizing Laxmi Puja.

Diwali is generally a five-day celebration mainly performed by the Hindus. All Indian festivals have distinct meanings for people of different cultures and Diwali is no exception. It is observed by people across the world in a very versatile manner and not just in India. Apart from India, this fete is also acknowledged by Indian all over the world with great fervor.

Like every other Indian jamboree, Diwali also has a historic side to it. This holy event is originally observed by many states in India as Naraka Chaturdashi, because the wicked king, Narakasura, was killed by Krishna. For believing in Naraka Chaturdashi, on this day, festivities are very similar to that of Dussehra and the scene is re-enacted where a protagonist, Satyabhama, burns down a tall effigy of diabolic Narakasura. Diwali is celebrated on the ‘no moon day' also known as Amavasya and marks the New Year for Hindus.

So this Diwali instead of just lightening up your own life, spread some light to the poor and needy, instead of bursting crackers burst the evil within you and make your life and surrounding vibrant like the Rangolis outside your houses. Team Wow Kidz wishes you all a very Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year!!

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