Thursday, 8 February 2018

Get Nostalagic With Your Favorite Rhymes "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

Mary Had A Little Lamb is an English rhyme and was originated in America on May 24th, 1830 and was inspired by an actual incident."Mary had a little lamb" say an enchanting tale of a young girl in Massachusetts, USA, and her lamb who followed her everywhere.

A very interesting and touching story was later turned into a beautiful composition of a nursery rhyme.“Mary Had a Little Lamb” tells about a lovely relationship between Mary Sawyer and her lamb. Mary rescued the newborn lamb and raised him and he was so in love with her that he use to follow her everywhere. Her brother suggested she should take the lamb to school where a man saw and was amazed and wrote a poem about it later. Sarah Josepha Hale added extended the version of rhyme in 1830. And it truly is kids favorite song and the poem shows the strong bond Mary and her lamb shared.

So teeny-weeny enjoy learning and reciting the most adorable nursery rhyme " Mary Had A Little Lamb" on our channel Wow Kidz Rhymes and Shows. And don't forget to have such a strong and cute bond with your pet if you have one.

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