Wednesday, 24 January 2018

This Chacha and Bhatija Jodi - A True Inspiration for Kids

“Bure kaam ka bura natija, kyun bhai Chacha,haan Bhatija” a fictional Slapstick Action Comedy series of an uncle-nephew duo, popularly known as Chacha Bhatija. The duo is ‘world-famous’ in the entire town of Fantooshnagar for their uncanny knack to solve all the problems of the town. His ability to sniff troubles and nip them right in the bud, makes Bhatija really popular in the whole town.

The Chacha Bhatija duo gets along like a house on fire, and is more like best buddies, rather than uncle & nephew, known for their heroic gestures. Their camaraderie is so infectious, that the whole town swears by their friendship. Fantooshnagar is an extremely colourful place, that is filled with some rather interesting characters; ranging from a funnily interesting scientist Khoji Singh who loves performing all crazy science experiments, to a ruthlessly comical bad man Danka & his partner in crime brother-in-law Dholki along with a fiercely determined female cop with a thick Haryanvi accent, Inspector Bandookni Singh.

Bhatija is the most inventive and ingenious character in the entire town. The flip side of his magnanimity however is his gullibility and the whole town of Fantooshnagar knows how to play on Bhatija’s naivety and get their troubles solved. The Chacha Bhatija duo however is always willing to help and thus inspires the people in the town to follow the right path in life and help others while in danger. The element of the shows is a combination of fun, filled with action that inspires kids on how truth defeats evil and prevails.

The show is an out and out comedy, full of entertainment, appropriately loaded with doses of slapstick as well as situational humour, deeply rooted in Indian sensibilities & Indian brand of humour!  

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