Thursday, 26 October 2017

Relive your childhood with Max & Ruby!

Hey remember the time when you were kids? The joys to be found in the littlest of things, new experiences, new places to explore & a new adventure each day! Such is also the world of Max & Ruby. This cute & cuddly brother-sister duo are bunnies who learn something new in the everyday. Based on stories written by Rosemary Wells, these 2 bunnies are loosely based on Rosemary’s own kids with the very same names 😊
Max is a three year old bunny who is determined and energetic by nature whereas bunny Ruby is his older sister who’s seven and is composed, focused and caring. The series beautifully portrays the brother-sister sibling bond with Ruby often trying to protect Max by deciding what’s best for him & in the process discovering something wonderful through Max’s unstructured play. The unique & innovative storylines ensure that the kids learn something new with each story while the contrasting characters often subtly convey the necessity of engaging children in both structured & unstructured environments.

So be sure to introduce your kids to these adorable bunnies & their very special world. Now available for the first time in Hindi.

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