Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Captain Vyom Promo

A series made by Internationally acclaimed and reckoned Producer, Director Mr. Ketan Mehta.
The story revolves around a superhero - Captain Vyom. Set up around the future year 2123 A. D. the earth is now ruled by a world government with its headquarters located in Delhi. A space station is set by the government which has the highest security inter-galactic prison on IO, the tenth moon of Jupiter.

Twelve of the most dangerous criminals of the galaxy are imprisoned at IO, they possess super powers and can destroy the earth. They are the dirty dozen, the super villains. But what shall happen if the the Super criminals break free? Our mother earth will be in real danger !

Captain Vyom, the super courageous sky warrior along with his team of space warriors are assigned the mission to capture these super villains. And he sets out on his most dangerous mission. He has to succeed if the world is to be saved.

Watch this series today! & its subtitled in English too

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