Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Merry Christmas To The Wow Kidz Family!!!

Hello friends, are you as excited for Christmas as I am? Because I most certainly am. So let’s talk about the best part of Christmas. It definitely has to be the part where we exchange gifts. I mean who doesn’t like gifts, seriously? Did you'll know that some people exchange their gifts a little too early on the occasion of Christmas. People around the world have their own way of celebrating this beautiful festival with all of their heart.

Like any other festival, every country has its own variants for Christmas customs and traditions too. To give an instance, some people celebrate Christmas only on Christmas Eve while some people have a 12-day feast, celebrating their saints. Most common ways of celebrating Christmas is by decorating and lighting the Christmas tree, giving and receiving presents, and a lot more. In some places in India, people hang huge star-shaped paper lanterns between houses.

People from some countries also decorate the churches in their vicinity with flowers and candles and go to the Midnight Mass Church Service. In most of the Catholic countries, this is the most important church service in the Christmas season. At the same time, some countries celebrate Christmas for as long as from 40 days before Christmas Eve and end around in the first week of February.

So what Christmas tradition do you follow? Let us know in the comment section below and this Christmas keep the holiday spirit alive by sharing these precious moments with your close ones and sharing joy and love. Merry Christmas to all the lovely Wow Kidz Family Members!!!